david_2014David Mura is a writer, memoirist, poet and performance artist who brings a unique perspective to our multi-racial and multi-cultural society. A third-generation Japanese-American, he has written intimately about his life as a man of color and the connections between race, sexuality and history. In public appearances interweaving poetry, performance and personal testament, he provides powerful insights into the racial issues facing America today.

Mura’s memoirs, poems essays, plays and performances have won wide critical praise and numerous awards. Their topics range from contemporary Japan to the legacy of the internment camps and the history of Japanese Americans to critical explorations of an increasingly diverse America. He gives presentations at educational institutions, businesses and other organizations throughout the country.

Mura’s newest book of poems, The Last Incantationswas published in 2014 by Triquarterly / Northwestern University Press.

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  1. Hi David, I like your writing- insightful and thought provoking. I hope signing up with this reply will mean I am on your list for receiving any new blogs.

  2. Thanks Arlene. I’m not sure if your replying here will bring up automatic notices of my blogs. I think you have to sign up to become a follower. Also you can Facebook friend me since most of the blogs get a tryout on my Facebook page. All best — David

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